The first "Deal Ladies" image. The date written was when a man angrily screamed at me.
One day, I was withdrawing money from an ATM machine, but I didn't knew the bank changed their withdrawal limit for each transactions. So I was confused why the machine keeps showing failed transaction. I wasn't taking that long yet a man screamed at me like there's 10 people in line, but in fact there was only one and there's like 5 more ATMs of the same bank in the mall. (And by the way, the security guards only looked and didn't even bothered to politely shut him up.)

I don't know what's with the bank, but I often encounter jerks in there. And I'm not a misandrist, but it's always men that acts like jerks in there. From a guy angrily screaming, to a guy cutting in your line where only single transaction is allowed yet he had more than one transaction.

Honestly, I want to shout back at them or fight them, but banks in my country are really strict. I don't want to get arrested, and I especially don't want to get banned. But I'm really pissed off.

To left off some steam, instead of ranting in Twitter which most people often do. I decided to make an Instagram post, like a message to every ladies being treated badly not only by men, but by judgmental and rotten society.

Since I often write in my diary every time I'm upset or angry, just like most women, so choosing a journal comes easy. I started the message with "Dear Diary" then I realized, starting with that is like I'm just telling myself and not to all ladies so I switched to "Dear Ladies" instead.

I also know the netizens are notorious on re-posting images online, without even crediting the real owner so my Instagram name in the bottom like an ending to a letter was also added. Then I choose pink not because it screams "female!" but simply because I love pink and it will go well on my Instagram feed.
I experimented on other items as well, like an iPhone to symbolize how we spent so much time with our faces glued to our phones. Like if it is not in the Internet, we're not going to listen to it or believe it.
The messages on each images are not always originally mine. Sometimes they are from countless memes that we're so tired of reading yet somehow it won't sink in people's heads.

"Dear Ladies" is my personal project created out of anger, but it has been my tool to lift women's spirits. To let them know it's okay, they're going to be alright, they're beautiful, and anything uplifting. This post will not end here. I will update this whenever I created a new Dear Ladies message.
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