Who doesn't love coffee? That question was my inspiration behind this image. When Skinny Coffee Club (a company that sells coffee to help you loose weight) reach out to me to be their ambassador, I was tasked to create images for social media. One of those is this "I Love Coffee" flatlay where I feature a pack of Skinny Coffee Club, a spoon as to represent the letter "I", a bunch of coffee beans to make the heart shape to represent the "love" and a cup of coffee to represent, well, the coffee. But take note, Skinny Coffee Club are not sold as coffee beans, they're powdered so it's ready to mix and drink. I just decided to use the coffee beans because it looks much better and really represents coffee. Cause a black/brown powder could be cocoa, or anything.

My work was also featured in Skinny Coffee Club Instagram Account, but unfortunately it was credited to another Instagram user. It sucks and baffles me because I email them my work. Oh well, that's one of the problems when it comes to social media.
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